Monday, April 19, 2010

Doing the "Done" Dance for February!

February is completely beaded now - yay!  I just have to wet and reshape it a bit.  Then I shall get some good photos rather than the outdoor shots I've been taking with my little cheapo camera.  And I'm happily beading away on March... finally!  I guarantee, it won't be as ambitious as February was...

Here's a link to both sides of my February piece - with a bunch of other pictures in that post of my "pink" world here in the S.F. Bay Area, another vessel I'm working on, and some beads I made Saturday.  February finale!

If I can ever get through this tech job with its hairy deadlines, I'll move along with my projects much more quickly - oy!  But I'm really not pressuring myself, I just take things one day at a time.  Hopefully this week I can check out all the progress everyone else is making - now THERE's some pressure.  LOL!


Kali said...

That's so tender and delicate! I like the mix of textures. What fabric did you use as a foundation?

Shirley Cook - Jumping Jack Glass said...

Kali, it's a wet-felted vessel that I made with merino wool.