Saturday, April 17, 2010

the start of my bj for March plus beading a quiltlet

This is the base I created for my March journal, the fabric is hand dyed, the birds are stenciled on. I surrounded them with unwoven dyed wool. I'm looking forward to beading this journal.

I painted this fabric, cut the fish out of freezer paper and stenciled it on using gold paint.
I felt it needed something more, so I beaded the dark waves. Then it looked out of balance, so I made the circle. The corners looked a bit empty, so I drew ornaments for them. Took me almost a week to get all the beading done. I like the addition of the star fish. Its a real one, I bought it at a fair last month. I have 3 silver colored fish charms. I would like to add those too somehow.


Robin said...

I love the start of your March piece, Cobi! The birds are adorable. Did you create an original stencil for them? And the way you added the wool around them feels like a nest. Can't wait to see what you do with beads on this piece! The fish is really nice too... the whole piece flows. I'm not sure if the fish is a BJP piece? Is it?

Robin A.

Cobi said...

thanks Robin. I have a Dover book with patterns for stencils. I got the fish and the 3 birds on a branch from it and cut both from freezer paper to use for these projects. the fish is a small quilt for a swap. its bigger than I make my bead journals. I love flowing pictures, that's why I love art nouveau/Jugendstil so much.
I've used the wool around the birds because I want the work to be 3D.