Friday, March 12, 2010

February Winter Whites Page Complete!!!

Here it is the middle of March and I have just finished February!!! I worked all in various shades of white and included a silk puffed heart. The heart is one of my favorite symbols as well as being a major event in the month of February!!!
I have just posted a lengthy discussion about my process here.
For March I want to incorporate some Green leaves and I am looking for a pattern for Russian Beaded Leaves. If anyone has any advice or hints about where to find a good pattern I would really appreciate the advice!!
Happy Beading All!!

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Sharon M said...

Elizabeth, I enjoyed the intricate work of your project. It is all white yet you managed to make it "colorful" with various beads, stitches, and fibers. I spent a lot of time in your blog and truly enjoyed the "Traveling Pages." How creative and fun!