Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Thought I Was Done With February...

But now I have a problem.  Silly me, I should have known that I couldn't get away with beading only one side of the vessel.  Well, at least side 1 is finished!  To hear more about my dilemma and see the finished first side, you can go to my blog.

February Side 1

Methinks I've made my bead journal pages a bit too ambitious - but that seems to be the way I've approached projects most of my life.  I'm finding that now that I'm back in high tech, I'm doing the same thing with software.  Somebody, please... kick my butt and remind me that I don't have to build the biggest bestest strongest all-encompassing does-everything-for-everyone whatever-it-is-that-I'm-building in the world!  :-D

And after writing that crazy last sentence, I've decided to keep my March vessel fairly simple.  It'll be a challenge sticking to that decision, yep.

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