Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Finished my March "page", yeah!

And now I have a dilemma.  I haven't even made the vessel yet for April, so I have nothing on which I can bead.  Perhaps later this week I can get to it (keeping my fingers crossed...).

Here are the 4 sides of my March vessel.  And you can check my blog to see what my inspiration was.

I've gotten very far behind in viewing everyone's work so far.  Boy oh boy, when I can finally slow down a bit, I'm going to have a fabulous time catching up!


Cobi said...

shirley your vessels are stunning. I love the felt work and your beading is gorgeous. cannot wait to see what you'll come up next with.

char said...

These are absolutely beautiful. What a great idea. Congratulations on a beautiful job well done.