Monday, May 3, 2010

These two pictures are of my first pages of the twelve days of Christmas. Lise and I are having lots of fun trying to outdo each other. We decide what our subject will be and then try and do something different . Hope you all enjoy it as much as we are. Check out our website to see the whole pages. funky Would someone please let us know how to go to our blog by just putting in the word blog????Still new at this . Evelyn Wilde


a2susan said...

Hi Evelyn and Lise - when you type in the word blog, highlight it, then go to the toolbar on blogger. You will see a green circle with a chain on it, which is the icon for link. click on that, then put the full name of your blog in the box. Click on done or save if it says to do that. Then you should be able to click on "blog" and go automatically to your blog.

P.S. Explained by a non-computer person, so I don't know any of the technical language, but I think you should be able to do what you want now.

Beautiful work!! And not colors I would associate with Christmas, but just lovely.


JoTee said...