Saturday, May 8, 2010

I know I've been MIA lately but I'm still here. I spent the beginning of the year in Australia (my first piece on the left which I've already talked about). I was also there for the month of February where I was forced to take a good look at myself and my family & what everything means (the reason for the glasses & the mirror. Hard to see but there is a picture of my family in the picture frame).

My March piece is not completed yet but will be soon. I'm incorporating buttons I made with my Dad while in Australia.

The final piece on the right is for April. I was in Hong Kong for this money where I turned 50! Where have the years gone. I used an opal to represent each person in my family - a precious stone for my precious family.

I decided to sew my pieces to an ultra suede band that slips over the front cover of my journal. Seems to work the best. I have been writing for the month in these journals. Unfortunately they have ended up being extremely personal (something I didn't expect) so I won't be showing those pages :)


Robin said...

Good to hear from you Cindy! I'm not seeing the April piece... and would like to very much. I wish we could meet for lunch and a good gab... Sounds like you've been going through some stuff (not unusual for the 50 marker). Good thing you have your beautiful journals for writing all about it.

Big hugs, Robin A.

Anonymous said...

April is not there for me either, but the others enlarge nicely and are LOVELY!

Cindy said...

Actually, what you are looking at are January, February & April. I had written that March wasn't included yet but I guess I should have made that clearer. I will be posting March soon. Normally I would post on my blog but I didn't want my mother seeing the Feb reference so I left that one on this blog