Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fun bead assortments for young and old.

First I adore glass beads and second I have absolutely NO affiliation with this company except as a customer having discovered their bead assortments several years ago.... For a ridiculously low price you get a kilo of mixed beads. This is a large commercial baking tray that this kilo is on and I ordered
3 other kilos besides this one. The only catch is they are only available sporadically and if you miss them it might be 6 months before they are offered again... Obviously they are sweepings from a bead factory but in all colors, shapes, and sizes and even occasional lampwork beads...
I did so because I ordered 4 kilos several years ago and once separated I had trays of beads of every color of the rainbow. and enough to last for all I wanted to do and to share with friends... I was getting low and I missed them when they were available in the spring and had to wait until now.
I particularly like making jewelry with mismatched beads such as these necklaces.. so they are perfect for me but if you know of anyone working with youth groups and any craft group they would be a joyful activities for Christmas bazaars. They would make great needle fobs, key holders, and bookmarks.. In fact if I were still teaching kindergarten I would put them out for the children to sort, string, and learn their colors... They won't be available long but you can get on their list and they notify you when they will be offered ... They also sell other odd assortments of spacers and gemstones....but I love the glass.

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