Friday, February 5, 2010

Back from the Precipice!

Well I almost didn't make it!! I was overwhelmed with indecision and doubt that I could follow through. My word for this year is Focus and after reading several of the posts here and Robin's post about her January Piece for this year, I knew that I had to carry on!

The Blank Canvas of the project was staring me in the face and I stared it down! January is done. I am pleased with it and I have charted my course for the remainder of the project. I have posted details and pictures on my blog and you can read all about it here.

For now, we are sitting waiting for the arrival of a massive snow storm. Schools have been canceled and not a flake has fallen, but all are calling for 16-24 inches of snow! In this part of Virginia this is a huge amount of snow. We may not surface for several days if things evolve as expected!! Let it snow, I have my February page to create!!!
Best Regards to All!!!

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