Sunday, February 7, 2010


I have been traveling & haven't had access to the internet so I'm sure I've missed something somewhere. But my name doesn't appear on the left hand side of the blog. Actually, my name does but it isn't me :) I'm sorry to post this here but I can't find the e-mail link for sending a note to those in charge at the moment. Here is my blog (yes, I need to add to it)

I have been working on my pieces but haven't photographed them yet. Will do soon. I am making small pieces to place on the front of a journal. I will have a journal for each month of the year and will write things I've done that month into the journal. The goal is to use it year to year to see what different things I do or feel from one year to the next.

I'm in Australia at present and am definitely enjoying the warm instead of sitting in Chicago with the cold!

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Robin said...

Oh Cindy, I love your idea to make 12 journals that you will use during the appropriate month over a period of years. May have to ditto you on this one!

Robin A.