Monday, February 1, 2010

Following Blogs (or why I use Google Reader)

Kelly posted on the Bead Journal Project 3 blog about using Google Alerts to follow BJP posts. This was a great suggestion and here's another:

I follow a lot of blogs. Depending on the blogger, I may read all or none of a post, or just look at the pictures. But rather than have a favorites list miles long or get a million post update emails, I use Google Reader to subscribe to the blogs I follow. I add the blog (or even a site that's not a blog!) using the Add Subscription tool and it is added to my feed.

This saves me lots of time going back to my favorite blogs only to see that they haven't posted anything new and I don't miss any posts. :)


Mary K. McGraw said...

Yes I do the same thing and have been following this blog on Google Reader.


Sharon M said...

Wow, great idea! I didnt even know Google Reader existed. I clicked on your link and 'lo and behold' there was my Google Reader prepared and ready for me with the blogs I subscribe to. It seems a little tricky to figure out, but it shouldnt take me long. Thanks a lot for the great tip!

Carol said...

OK, I like to read blogs from my dashboard from the blogs I follow list. I sometimes run into a blog that I cannot add to my list. Pam T is one such blog. Does anyone else follow her with no problem? please email me if you are having the same problem with a blog and know how to fix it.