Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hello from Arizona! My name is Kathi and I am ready to begin the 2010 challenge. I have been beading for 25 years and learned while vacationing in the northwoods of Wisconsin. I took classes from the Chippewa and Objibwe Native Americans every summer for approximately 13 years! I even learned to clean porcupine quills. My beadwork has come a long way since then and I teach adult classes at our local Parks and Recreation Center. I founded our Phoenix East Valley Beaders group and we have grown from 5 beaders now to 60, meeting once a month. I recently have turned over the coordinating to another beader in our group after 10 years of running the group. More time to bead!

I look forward to this challenge. I am a preschool teacher by trade so I have decided to make my pages an "apple". I will bead each month with the inspiration coming from my classroom. The children bring me joy and even funny stories so I am sure I will have enough information to pull from for creativity sake. I hope to frame the apples at the end of the year.
Thank you to Robin for creating this challenge. I look forward to seeing everyone's hard work.

Kathi Hofferth

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Robin said...

Oh Kathi!!! What a charming idea to do your BJP pieces in the shape of an apple!!! It's great to have you with us and I hope you may share some of your knowledge of Native American beading with us as the year goes by. For example, I've always been intrigued by quill-work, but never have tried it. Welcome!!!! Robin A.