Monday, December 21, 2009

Looking forward to the Discipline!!

Hi All, my name is Elizabeth Woodford and I am currently living in Northern Virginia about 30 miles south of D.C. THis will be my first BJP although I have been following along with the other projects since they began. Robin has become an amazingly supportive remote ( in the electronic, Internet sense) mentor for me over the recent years. I visit her blog and see her work wherever I can. I also follow many of the past BJP members who have blogs.I have absorbed alot of the excitment that Robin transmits and have used it to jump off the edge and try many different beading techniques.

I have loved beads since I was a small child. I was raised in a very creative home and as children there was no sitting around without a project, without handwork. When I was 9 and we were traveling across country as part of a move, we stopped at a Museum in South Dakota and a wonderful Sioux woman taught me to make beaded daisy chain necklaces. That is an experience that I will never forget!

I consider myself a mixed media artist and love combining all sorts of media and elements into a cohesive whole. I plan to amke use of as many natural elements in my work as I can find. After all, anything with a hole can become a bead. I also love to make my own beads and I teach a class in making Beaded Beads with fabric wire and seed beads. Some of the beading projects that I am most proud of are here and here, if you would care to take a look!

I am so excited to be a part of this year's BJP and I am thrilled that we have a blog to share our experiences, revelations, and creations with each other. In my experience, blogging has opened up whole new worlds for me and my art!!!

I ahve not decided on a theme yet and may not. I think that I will be combining several media with my beads and will probably go with a 3x5 size limit. Decisions Decisions !! So very hard to make when there are so many colors and oh so very many glorious beads!!!!!!


Vicki said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I love your cuffs and your bracelet with the toad! I have a fondness for toads, too. Some of the best I've seen are from Teresa makes an aWESOME toad!!

I'm looking to combine mixed media with beads too, so will be fun to compare notes!

Robin said...

Hi and welcome, Elizabeth! Great to have you with us this year!!! I'm glad you gave links to your blog as it was really fun to see your zipper bracelets again... and somehow I had missed the post with the woven bracelets. Awesome work!!! I will be so much fun to see where your BJP journey takes you this year!!!