Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hello from France !

My name is Sylvie. I've participed to the BJP 2008. First of all, I want to apologize to all the new members for my english. You will surely find many mistakes in my posts during this year.
Am I now ready for a new year of BJP ? Really not exactly ! I have to put some beads on the piece of August and I could dedicate myself to the 2010 BJP. However, I decided to have only one objective : to let the beads play with material and colors!
As Robin have written before, I've been one of those who were restricted by their theme last year. Yet, I've chosen to carry on because I want to put them together in a work already prepared.
But now I need to be free in my creating. I will take advantage to try a few new technics, materials and designs. Perhaps not new for some of you, but certainly new for me. We will see later what this will give.
I wish to all of us a good beading year and I look forward to all of our creations.


Robin said...

Your English language skills are great, Sylvie!!! No need to apologize at all. Welcome back!!! I shall so look forward to coming along with you on this journey into freedom in your creating!!! Bravo! Robin A.

Vicki said...

Welcome, Sylvie!
Please no need to apologize, just share away with us! Nice to have you here!