Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My whole bead collection fits into 2 shoe boxes and I have only been doing beading for a few months. I have looked for a media to express my pent up creativity and after years of adapting other peoples ideas and patterns, Robin's book A Bead At A Time, gave me permission to GO FOR IT and just let yourself create with no rule.s
I have been so happy with the results and get such plessure from veiwing the incredible beading journals of all the wondeful contributors to this blog.
You all inspire me.
Thank you.
From Sydney, Australia.


Vicki said...

Hi There!
Just jump in with both feet and both shoe boxes and have fun! I'll look forward to seeing your creative play!

Robin said...

Your post is music to my ears!!! And soon it will be candy for my eyes... can't wait!!! Cheers, Robin A.