Monday, January 25, 2010

And So It Goes.......

Finally remembered how to post on the blog (lol), so I'm just now updating on my progress. Since this is my first BJP I started small (4" x 6") but now that I'm almost done I wish I'd gone larger, may have to do this month again later on, we'll see. This project has opened so many doors for me! I'm starting on my own blog for the first time, what an adventure! Will post it here when I'm ready. Also, this led me into crazy quilting and lots of new fabric embellishing techniques that I've decided to explore. But 1st and foremost is the bead project for me. I'm just so inspired by everyone else's works and postings on here. Thank you all so much!

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Robin said...

I'm delighted to hear that you're starting your own blog, Sharon!!! And about your size choice... 4x6 is such a good choice! Many of us, including me for the past two years, have worked beautifully with that size. Big enough to tell a story and experiment with techniques, but not so big as to be daunting. Besides, making it work for you will be a challenge and mastering the challenge over the course of the year will be so satisfying!

Robin A.