Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Garden for the Birds in Twelve Installments

First I wanted to do the birds and then tell the story and then finally figured how to attach the story to the birds so I made a new January page. If you follow this story you'll learn how a 20 acre garden for the birds turned my life upside down…

You’ll find out how I started this garden in May 1980 in a Zone 4 arid region with next to no water and how having no water turned into a blessing.

How this garden which I simply started to attract birds for my husband led to :

-a collection of hundreds of old-fashioned roses
-a nursery specializing in plants for the birds.
-the sale 10s of thousands of plants using no plastic pots
-thousands of people visiting the garden to learn to attract birds and conserve water
-eroded land turned into a forest
-being featured in a one book and in Better Homes and Gardens
-sending rootstock to David Austin’s breeding program
-speaking engagements around the world
-hugs from former customers who still bring me pictures of their gardens. …
-a wonderful wild garden full of birds and wildlife that started with a dead tree…..    
The new January page is on my blog ( and I should have the installment one attached by the end of the week...


Jacquie said...

Well I for one am looking forward to your pieces..very intrigueing..sounds like you have a labor of love

sydsider said...

I love your pieces and look forward to seeing more.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

I'm looking forward to see all of your birds 'fly' to their new home.

Elizabeth said...

What a marvelous tease about an amazing journey!! I can't wait to hear all about it and to see what you create!! I aman avid organic garden erand I love old Roses. We have moved alot all over the coutnry but every time we go I take a bit of each garden with me and leave the previous home with a wonderful growing space. I LOVE my birds!!
Off to visit your blog!!

Kali said...

Wonderful art and a great story! What could be a better combination. I move too much to keep a real garden, but this year I'm blessed with a little yard and some fruit trees and intend to make the most of it! Looking forward to seeing your project evolve.