Friday, January 22, 2010

At last BJP 2008 done ... Ready for 2010

Here is! I finally ended in July and August. I just have to finish to fix them onto a painting. My mind is now free to begin the January page of the BJP 2010.

After reflexion, (without paralyzing too much my mind!!!!) I decided to work on a size bigger than last year. Circles of 4 inches or 10 cms in diameters seemed to me sometimes too small. I am going to make rectangles of 9 x 7 inches or 23 x 17 cms. So I hope to have more place to mix more materials under beads.

The snow which fell recently gave me the theme of my page of January. To make you an idea or see my realizations, here is my blog.

I had not visited blogs since a few days and it took me all afternoon long. There were so many beautiful things to see. Moreover I found good advices. A big bravo to all of you. I expect that this year will be a great one! I am impatient to see your realizations.


a2susan said...

hi, Sylvie. The link to your blog doesn't work right now. I would love to see you bjp's, can you try the link again? Thanks,Susan

Robin said...

Welcome back Sylvie! I'm so glad you are with us again!!!! Congratulations on finishing 2008... and I love your ambition, your "more place to mix more materials under beads" thinking for this year. The ice will be a great inspiration!

Robin A.