Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm new to blogging and new to the Bead Journal Project. My January piece is coming along. I love the project and feel that it is really changing my life. Doing more original things. Letting my self go and not worry about the end result. Taking time out of a busy life for me! I'm taking a break from working on my piece and thought I'd check in to the blog. It's very interesting and encouraging, and I hope to participate more so I can get better acquainted with the other participants who are posting.


Robin said...

Yay, Ann! I love hearing this!!! And, yes, the blogs seem to enrich the experience for all who participate.

Robin A.

sydsider said...

I could have written this Ann.I'm a newbie too and am also enjoying the "letting myself go" experience.
The blogging is difficult to get my head around, but I think I have a 50% understanding of it.
Isn't everyone's workdeli ghtful and so varied.
Diane (sydsider)