Monday, January 4, 2010

Nice to Meet all of You!

My name is Liz and this will be my third year participating in the Bead Journal Project. I still need to finish several months from last year as I just haven't been motivated to move my beaders booty to do it.

This year, I plan on small, workable pieces. Knobs. Yup, knobs. Beaded knobs (take any reference you want and run with it) for drawers and handles and ... you name it.

I have bead drawers (above) in my bead zone that need to have more than just the wood or metal knobs they came with. As a beader, I shouldn't leave any possible beaded surface unbeaded, eh?

Looking forward to this journey....


Carol said...

Now I see why you call yourself "the bad liz" ~lol~

flyingbeader said...

Oh I agree! Nothing is safe in my house either!

Robin said...

You certainly do live up to your name... bad to the bone!!!!! Knobs just tickle my fancy! Leave no surface unbeaded! So glad you're back, Liz!

Robin A.