Friday, January 22, 2010


I know Robin that I saw somewhere that you mentioned a camera you used and loved. Your photographs of beads are so great. Would you share again what your camera is? I'm about to upgrade and looking for recommendations so if anyone else has the camera of their dreams, would you jump in and mention it....

Gerry Krueger
Spokane, WA


Robin said...

Hi Gerry,

My camera is an old, Sony Cybershot 717... probably 7 years old, obsolete by today's camera standards. However, it still works great and I've taken many thousands of pictures with it. It's only 5 mega pixels, but it has a quality lens and the ability to take macro shots as close as an inch away from the subject. My brother bought a re-conditioned, used one a few years ago on eBay, and has had good success with it too.

In my experience, the real trick for good photos is Photoshop. Learning how to use Photoshop was the best thing I ever did for myself and pictures of my beads/beading.

Hope this helps!
Robin A.

Lois2037 said...

I've had decent luck just scanning in my pages, though that doesn't work so well if you have a lot of dimension in a piece. I use a good DSLR, a Nikon D-300. It is the camera of my dreams, but there are many good DSLR cameras out there for a lot less money than that one that work very well. You will want to get a lens with macro capabilities, and you will want to get a decent tripod. I agree with Robin that Photoshop knowledge, and it's really easy to learn, is a wonderful thing to have.

Anonymous said...

I have Photoshop and use it, but I'm wondering if I am making the best use of it. Please share what "Tools" are your favorites, and I've noticed this -- if I reduce the size of a photo *too much* it will not enlarge when clicked on my blog. Instead it stays the same size. Folks have told me how they wish they could see it enlarged. Do you have a particular percentage or number that you use when re-sizing a photo? Please share details of this program, thanks.

flyingbeader said...

I have a very ancient Nikkon CoolPix that i take my pictures with. It does well with close ups.

What I do when working with Photoshop is to first off work on my photos cropping them, working with the color/adjustments, and sometimes sharpening the image. THEN I work with the image size. I always keep my dpi at 300. Then I work with image. While in PS, I reduce the image to 600 pixels by 800 pixels. This is to start & to download the image to the blog. Make sure the image is on your entry page & then move it around with your mouse to where you want it. IN THE BLOG page, you can THEN REDUCE the size of the picture. Click on the image & you see that it is selected. Take your "finger" to the corner of the image & holding the command key (each computer is different but I use the control key) move the "finger/mouse" and either reduce the image THERE or enlarge it THERE. Once again, you can move it around. THEN post to your blog & see if it looks okay. It not, then you can edit your image. Experiment and see what works for you & your system.


flyingbeader said...

Oops...I was wrong in that you need to use the SHIFT key when you resize your picture in blogger. I wrote a tutorial about images on my blog