Saturday, January 9, 2010


Greetings everyone, and a Happy New Year to all.
You have here a nervous newbie - new to blogging (my very first) and almost new to beading, at least new to sharing it with anyone but friends and family. I've been following the BJP since the beginning and have to admit that the quality of work that has been done is quite intimidating. Then I realized that the quality of support and friendship in the beading community in general and BJP in particular is just as high as that of the work. That helped me to get it together enough to make the commitment to this edition of the Journal.
My New Year wish for all of us: May this be an excellent Journey!


Beady Zoo said...

Please don't be a nervous newbie, Holly, either to blogging or beading. I'm a bead embroidery and BJP newbie and a blogging freshman, so you're not alone. Thanks for the New Year wish, and I'm positive it will come true.
Kathy B

Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

well if you're used to showing your beadwork to friends and family, then this should be no different. the way i look at is that all the bjp'ers ARE friends and family, right? :)

i can't wait to see what great work you do!

Holly B said...

Goodness, thanks to you both for the kind welcome.

I'm looking forward to seeing all the new work, too.

Robin said...

Welcome, Holly B! You (and Lisa in her comment) are soooooooo right about the support and friendship aspects of the BJP. Plus, it's just never been about competition in any way. That's what I love most about it... Everyone does what they can and develops their skills during the year's journey! It's magic and you will find yourself caught up in it, forgetting all about nerves, in no time! Robin A.

Anonymous said...

I'm a "Nervous Nellie" newbie too, but off we both go! :)

a2susan said...

Hi, Holly. I'm nervous at the beginning of every year and this is my third year. Like you say, I often find quality of work intimidating. It is gorgeous and moving, filled with emotion, but nonetheless, how do you create something of equal caliber? I've learned that you just have to have faith in yourself and your beads. They will forge a path for you and help you find your own voice.


Nicki Lee said...

Hi Holly, This is my first time here too and I am a bit nervous - especially after seeing so many beautiful works of art. I am anxious to explore this new and incredible territory with everyone and look forward to seeing your creations.

Marty S said...

I was a nervous Nellie last year, but participating was a fabulous experience. I know you'll enjoy the members, their beading, and your own chance to learn and grow.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

Holly B said...

If someone asked me to choose one word to describe all these comments it would have to be "generous". Thank you all with a special thanks to Robin and the "Angels" for their hard work making this amazing project possible.
Holly B

Magpie Sue said...

I was new to blogging three years ago and still get nervous about computer things but you'll find it's really not hard at all. The one thing I've learned from Robin and the BJP is to be kind to yourself. And the more you practice that when you're beading the more it rubs off in other areas of your life as well (or it has for me at least). Welcome, and have fun!

PS: I'm on the first BJP blog.

sydsider said...

Another newbie.....but what fun!