Sunday, January 17, 2010

January New Mexico Beader

Am thrilled to once again be here among some very unique beader's.  I know that I will learn and appreciate all the "new beading idea's" that we all share here.

I must admit to that I am still learning my way around writing into these blogs.

You can check my latest at 

Also my friend Kathaleen Praeuner another New Mexico beader signed up for the project at, (Think she still needs to have her blog added to the list)

Thank you to Robin and all the Beader Journal helpers who help make this all work, so that we can ALL enjoy the beautiful bead journals online.

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Beady_Ann said...

Hi Jody. I'm also a New Mexico Beader, and this is is my first year with BJP. And I see there is another NM participant, Kathaleen. I'd love to get together with others in the project---people I can talk to who understand what I'm doing. I'm in Santa Fe. Hope to hear from you.
Ann Severine